Platform Plans

It sure doesn’t feel like it, but right now we’re creating more wealth than ever before in West Virginia’s history. This should be our golden age. The thing is that wealth doesn’t stay here, and it certainly isn’t put to use making the jobs, education, drug treatment, and health care systems that our families deserve. For too long, both parties have tried to build our economy by catering to outside interests and international companies. Never in American history has that strategy worked for anyone but corporate CEOs. The cashier at the Dollar General pays a higher effective tax rate than our billionaire Governor. It is time to bet on our own students, workers and small business owners.   Here are our plans to do it, created by and for West Virginians.

... and more plans to come (keep checking this page for updates).


People’s Platform

We have 30+ policy plans that are being released between now and April 2020; these are the plans that have been released so far.

Thousands of us West Virginians wrote this platform at 136 Town Halls, in 550 additional visits to small businesses, recovery programs, churches, union halls, and homes. We wrote this platform in more than 10,000 conversations--voter-to-voter, face-to-face. We wrote this platform in county team meetings and constituency team meetings. This platform quite literally contains the words and stories of thousands of West Virginians. Every dollar in this plan is accounted for. But we won’t win just because the math adds up. We'll have to do what our grandparents did before us, and fight for the West Virginia we deserve. The harder we fight, the more we will win. Wealthy Good Old Boy politicians in Charleston will say these plans are impossible. It's up to us to change what is possible. West Virginia Can’t Wait.


We’ve raised more small donations than all of the 2016 Democratic candidates for Governor combined. This movement is fueled by people-sized donations. We don’t take corporate cash.


We have County Captains, Constituency Captains and Candidates running with us in every corner of the state. It will take 1,000 leaders not 1 to win a West Virginia that works for all of us.