For 150 years, the Wealthy Good Old Boys Cub in West Virginia has robbed us of our land and labor. We believe it’s not our job to persuade those in power. Our job is to replace them. Here’s how we do that.

WE recruit, train, and back no-corporate cash candidates

WV Can’t Wait is the political machine for people who aren’t rich. We work year-round to recruit and train pro-labor, no-corporate-cash candidates for office – at every level of government. We will back candidates from any political party, but they must sign onto our pledge and platform, and interview for the chance to run as part of our slate. 

We offer our endorsed candidates: $250 in seed cash, a personalized webpage, 1000 door cards, a text-banking program, digital ads, access to volunteers, a professional headshot, extensive candidate trainings, mental health services, and one-on-one support from our digital, field, policy, and budget staff. 

In 2022, we have recruited, trained, and endorsed 59 candidates for office – from Conservation District Supervisor to Congress. We are also experimenting with 3 municipal ballot campaigns–taking our issues directly to the voters in Charleston, Morgantown, and Fairmont.

WE help our candiates govern ONCE THEY GET ELECTED

Far too often, good people often get swallowed up by bad systems. That’s true of well-meaning candidates too. We work hard to make sure that our candidates have everything they need to govern with integrity and accountability once they reach elected office.

That looks like: an annual governance training, monthly workshops with other elected officials, and daily support from our Governance Director Rosemary Ketchum. Our elected officials also receive access to communications, policy, and field support, as well as access to our mental health services and movement safety team

There are now 21 WV Can’t Wait endorsed candidates serving in elected office across the state.


Government has failed West Virginians forever. We’ve had to learn to get by without even the most basic support from our institutions. In order to win a people’s government in the Mountain State, we must do everything we can to support the West Virginians who are already picking up the slack for our corrupt politicians. We do this in three main ways. 

Our 6 Organizing Apprentices receive $30,000 and deep training, mentorship, and fiscal sponsorship from us – to help them build independent, lasting organizations in the fields of labor, harm reduction, restorative justice, and agriculture. 

Our 40 Hometown Heroes receive $2,000 and extensive organizing training to help support their local mutual aid efforts. 

Our 12 Citizen Media Makers receive $700 and a community of support to help them start and sustain independent blogs, newspapers, podcasts and video platforms.


Fund the Movement

This movement runs on people power, without a dime of corporate cash. Make your donation today. Or better yet, join the ranks of our monthly donors by selecting the box during check out! 

Join the Movement

We have hundreds of volunteers in every corner of the state, and a growing slate of candidates who will need our help in 2022. It will take 1,000 leaders not 1 to win a West Virginia that works for all of us.