West Virginia can't wait.

No single politician or party can win the change we need in West Virginia. Only a movement can. I’m Stephen Smith and I’m running for Governor—but I’m not doing it alone. I hope you’ll join us.


You can feel it. This is a moment. Every fifty years or so in West Virginia history, the system becomes so broken and our pain becomes so deep that real change becomes necessary and possible. The Civil War, the Mine Wars, the Teachers’ Strike – it is in our blood to fight for our people, no matter their race, their accent, or who their father was.

I’m running for Governor because I believe that this is one of those moments, and I want my 6-year-old son to know whose side I was on.

The American Prospect calls our movement “an uprising on a country road" and "one of the most unusual and thrilling in recent memory... a means to build lasting, long-term grassroots infrastructure, in a state habitually bulldozed by small oligopolies carrying big money."


We’ve raised more small donations than all of the 2016 Democratic candidates for Governor combined. This movement is fueled by people-sized donations. We don’t take corporate cash.


We have County Captains, Constituency Captains and Candidates running with us in every corner of the state. It will take 1,000 leaders not 1 to win a West Virginia that works for all of us.