List of Not-for-Sale Candidates

Not-For-Sale Candidate List

The only way we’ll get the kind of government we deserve is if we take it.  More than 40 candidates who signed the WV Can’t Wait candidate pledge have won their primary or won their race outright—and we are still adding more candidates!

The more of us who stick together, the more hardworking West Virginians will win.

WV Can’t Wait Pledge-Signers

County Commissions, Prosecutors, Sheriffs

  • Jason G. Wright – Marion County Commission, Middletown District
  • Anthony Ciliberti – Fayette County Prosecutor – WON!
  • David Parks – Lewis County Sherriff

Mayors, Magistrates, Town Councils, School Boards

  • Sherry Dugan – Parkersburg Mayor
  • Jamie Green – Fairmont City Council
  • Tia “Fix” Rumbaugh – Huntington City Council – District 3
  • Ally Layman – Huntington City Council – District 9
  • Cory Roman – Martinsburg City Council – WON!
  • David Seum – Moundsville City Council
  • Emily Starks – Philippi Town Council
  • Gabriel Roush – Point Pleasant City Council
  • Rosemary Ketchum – Wheeling City Council 3rd Ward – WON!
  • Donna Joy – Jefferson County Board of Education – WON!
  • David “Alex” Knapp – Fairmont City Council NEW
  • Travis Norwood – Elkins City Council NEW

State Auditor

  • Mary Ann Claytor*

US House of Representatives for WV

  • Natalie Cline – 1st House District*
  • Cathy Kunkel – 2nd House District*
  • Hilary Turner – 3rd House District *

US Senate for WV

  • Paula Jean Swearengin*

WV State Senate

  • Robert “Robin” Wilson Jr. – State Senate 3*
  • Bruce Ashworth – State Senate 4*
  • David Childers – State Senate 14*

WV House of Delegates

  • Andrew Alvarez – Delegate District 8
  • Jim Marion – Delegate District 9
  • Trish Pritchard – Delegate District 10
  • Luke Winters – Delegate District 10*
  • Theresa “Tess”Jackson – Delegate District 15*
  • Jeanette Rowsey – Delegate District 17*
  • Ric Griffith – Delegate District 19*
  • Tina Russell – Delegate District 27
  • Ryne Nahodil – Delegate District 28
  • David “Elliott” Pritt – Delegate District 32
  • Selina Vickers – Delegate District 32
  • Larry Cottrell – Delegate District 33
  • Kathy Ferguson – Delegate District 35*
  • Rusty Williams – Delegate District 35
  • Jim Barach – Delegate District 36
  • Amanda Estep-Burton – Delegate District 36
  • Nikki Ardman – Delegate District 38
  • Cody H. Thompson – Delegate District 43
  • Mike Lockard – Delegate District 46
  • Ryan Deems – Delegate District 48*
  • Steve Hamilton – Delegate District 48*
  • Danielle Walker – Delegate District 51*
  • JR Wolfe – Delegate District 52*
  • Cory Chase – Delegate District 53*
  • Jerod Shockey – Delegate District 55*
  • Debi Carol – Delegate District 62 *
  • Sammi Brown – Delegate District 65
  • Storme Frame – Delegate District 66

Now that you’ve seen the list of pledge signers, search for candidates that YOU can vote for here.

Candidates in BOLD* have also signed on to the People’s Platform, a collection of plans and policy positions, written by West Virginians across the state. The Platform includes 30+ plans to legalize cannabis, empower WV seniors, create jobs, help miners, support workers, improve education, address the addiction epidemic, and much more.


How it works

  • Email for information about how to sign the WV Can’t Wait Candidate Pledge. We’ll get back to you within 10 days with a sample press release, a “I took the WV Can’t Wait Candidate Pledge” seal to put on your website, and some resources.

  • Want your candidate to sign the pledge but don’t see their name? Ask them to pledge to refuse corporate PAC money and email for info about how to sign.

  • This pledge is not an endorsement. It’s a way for candidates to publicly commit to running a campaign on the side of West Virginians–not out-of-state landowners, monopolies, and big banks.

  • We want this to work for you in your race! So it’s up to you how much you associate your campaign with the pledge, or whether you sign on to the platform.

(The list of pledge-signers is updated roughly once monthly, and was last updated on August 23, 2020.)

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