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Sign the WV Can’t Wait Candidate Pledge

The only way we’ll get the kind of government we deserve is if we take it. We are calling on every candidate in 2020 to stand on the side of West Virginians who work the hardest and hurt the most, every time. There are more than 47 candidates who've signed And advanced past the primary, and we are still adding more!

The more of us who stick together, the more hardworking West Virginians will win.

The WV Can’t Wait Candidate Pledge

  1. We won’t take Corporate Cash--we promise to run a people-funded campaign and not to take a penny from Corporate PACs or executives from Big Pharma, Big Energy, or Out-of-State Land Companies.
  2. We will never cross a picket line–we will always choose the side of the people who are working the hardest and bearing the greatest burdens.
  3. We will never hide from a debate–we promise to meet with the public at least once a month, and to do the work of being available to our constituents.
  4. We will never punch down–we promise to remember that our fight is with the wealthy Good Old Boys Club in Charleston, and not with each other. We promise never to blame those who have been hurt for their pain.


If you're running for office, please read the pledge and sign  today! Once you've signed, we'll connect you with the training and support that will help you and your team win. Schedule a call with to learn more about the WV Can’t Wait Candidate Pledge and upcoming Candidate Trainings.

How it works

  • Want to receive the full backing of the WV Can’t Wait movement? Email to learn how you can be listed on the website, gain volunteer support, receive candidate training and more! Make sure to tell us your name, contact information, and what office you are seeking.
  • Want your candidate to sign the pledge but don't see their name? Ask them to pledge to refuse corporate PAC money and email for info about how to sign.
  • This pledge is not an endorsement. It's a way for candidates to publicly commit to running a campaign on the side of West Virginians--not out-of-state landowners, monopolies, and big banks.
  • We want this to work for you in your race! So it's up to you how much you associate your campaign with the pledge, or whether you sign on to the platform.



We created a movement together, a movement to build a people’s government by and for working people—not millionaires. When we fight each other we lose. When we fight FOR each other, we win.



We have hundreds of volunteers in every corner of the state, and a whole slate of Not-For-Sale candidates running together. It will take 1,000 leaders not 1 to win a West Virginia that works for all of us.