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*Disclaimers: We have done our best to be accurate. However, your zip code does not always indicate your voting district correctly, since some zips fall within multiple districts. If you’re not sure which district you’re registered to vote in, look up your district here. (As a bonus, you can update your voter registration information there, too, if needed.)

Find the full list of endorsed candidates here!
Charleston City Council
  • Joe Solomon | at large
  • Sheena Griffith | Ward 1
  • Michael Ferrell | Ward 6
  • Beth Kerns | Ward 7
  • Malyka Knapp-Smith | Ward 8
  • Gail Michelson | Ward 9
  • Chelsea Steelhammer | Ward 10
  • Frank Annie | Ward 13
  • Dana Skerbetz | Ward 18
  • Dylan Parsons (Wetzel) District 7
  • J. Morgan Leach (Wood) District 10
  • Andrea “Red” Greer (Wood) District 13
  • Chuck Conner (Roane) District 15
  • Seth King (Putnam) District 19
  • Theresa “Tess” Jackson (Putnam) District 21
  • Becky Crabtree (Monroe) District 40
  • Joanna Vance (Raleigh) District 43
  • Tony Martin (Raleigh) District 44
  • Eric Sebert (Nicholas) District 48
  • David “Elliott” Pritt (Fayette) District 50
  • Dakota Buckley (Kanawha) District 58
  • Rusty Williams (Kanawha) District 59
  • Ryan Deems (Harrison) District 70
  • Jeffrey Budkey (Monongalia) District 78
  • JR Wolfe (Preston) District 83
  • Zondria Lansdowne (Berkeley) District 93
  • Debra Cornwell (Jefferson) District 99
  • Melissa Clark (Cabell) District 5
  • Tiffany Clemins (Mercer) District 6
  • Robin Mills (Morgan) District 15
County Clerk
  • J.R. Carpenter Wood County Clerk
  • Kayla M McCoy Greenbrier County Clerk
County Commission
  • Simon Hargus Wood County Commission – District A
Conservation District Supervisor
  • Holly Morgan Wetzel Upper Ohio Conservation District Supervisor
  • Lacy Watson Mercer Congress – District 1

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