Charleston Elects Five Candidates with the Can’t Wait Organization

A grassroots, progressive political organization with a platform that includes decriminalizing harm reduction efforts and cannabis, among other things, saw some success in Charleston Tuesday night. Five of the nine candidates running for city council with Charleston Can’t Wait won seats on the 26-member council.

“We’re thrilled that five members of the Charleston Can’t Wait slate are now in office,” WV Can’t Wait co-chairwoman Katey Lauer said in an email to the Gazette-Mail Thursday. “Each and every one of these newly elected officials has been a public servant outside of the formal halls of power — they are a teacher, a coach, a social worker, a volunteer, a public health advocate. In many cases, they’re the people that are closest to the city’s pain — the people and places that have been overlooked. That’s who we think ought to be governing in Charleston.”

Link to the full article in the Gazette Mail. 

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