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What is WV Can’t Wait

Working West Virginians have borne too much for too long, and we’ve learned that we can’t wait for one politician to save us. We’re organizing to build a better West Virginia, one that works for everyone.


Thank you for wanting to learn more about us.

WV Can’t Wait is a movement to win a people’s government in the Mountain State—a government where the people who work the hardest and bear the most are also the one who write the laws. In two years, we’ve recruited and trained 97 candidates and counting who refuse to take corporate cash. That means they won’t take a penny from corporate PACs, corporate lobbyists or executives from Big Pharma, Big Energy, or out-of-state land-holding companies.

To win a government run by the people of West Virginia, we must have a movement funded by the people of West Virginians—not the wealthy Good Old Boys Club. 

Meanwhile, at 197 Town Halls and 11,000 face-to-face conversations with our neighbors, we asked: what would you do if you were governor? Everyone we spoke to wanted bold change. 

Together, we created a People’s Platform called the New Deal for WV that is our candidates’ mandate for governing. 

That platform includes: Broadband for All. Prosecuting Corruption. Fixing our Roads. Full Cannabis Legalization. Cutting Healthcare Costs. A State Bank. Support for Small Businesses and Cooperatives. A Workers Bill of Rights. A jobs program called the Mountaineer Service Corps. And more.

Read all our plans here.

We’d love to hear what matters to you, too. The best way to get to know us is to schedule a meeting with one of our organizers: contact Katey Lauer or Stephen Smith anytime. 

Dozens of our candidates advanced beyond the June 9th primary, including Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and third party candidates. WV Can’t Wait candidates Paula Jean Swearengin, Hilary Turner, Cathy Kunkel, and Natalie Cline won every one of their federal primaries. Rosemary Ketchum became the first openly transgender elected official in WV history by winning her City Council seat, and Cory Roman became the youngest and only Black City Council member in West Virginia history. Seven teachers, fresh off the 2018 and 2019 strike, advanced. And Delegate Danielle Walker was the top primary vote getter in the State of West Virginia among House candidates.

Now we have two jobs. First, in November, we must elect our first-ever slate of public officials who are not for sale. But November is just a beginning. Our state’s challenges are deep, and they have become even deeper as we stare down a Great Depression. We must prepare for this future—no matter who wins. We are recruiting, training, and mobilizing 1,000 volunteers to help us meet those goals. We would love your help volunteering for candidates, organizing in your own community, and helping creating a vision for how we’ll continue to fight for a West Virginia that works for all of us.

On this site, you can:



We created a movement together, a movement to build a people’s government by and for working people—not millionaires. When we fight each other we lose. When we fight FOR each other, we win.



We have hundreds of volunteers in every corner of the state, and a whole slate of Not-For-Sale candidates running together. It will take 1,000 leaders not 1 to win a West Virginia that works for all of us.