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Join a Constituency Team!

We need 1000 leaders, not 1.

Seniors CW handraise

Here's why we need leaders like YOU to join the WV Can't Wait movement and be a part of a constituency team:

  • A civil rights movement cannot win without the leadership of Black folks.
  • A labor movement cannot succeed without the leadership of workers.
  • And we will never solve our drug crisis without the leadership of people in recovery.

That's the guiding principle of our constituency teams.

The job of the constituency teams is to be organized to have a powerful voice in government---and to be poised to take a seat at the table where you belong. If you're passionate about making sure folks like you have power at the capitol--instead of lobbyists and corporations having the only voice--contact one of these constituency teams to get involved and find out how to join your team.

We need 1,000 leaders, not 1, to win a government that works for all of us. Be a leader in the movement and join a constituency team, so you'll have a say in West Virginia's government.


Don't see the constituency team you think we should have? No problem! Just email to start organizing your own constituency team.


We’ve raised more small donations than all of the 2016 Democratic candidates for Governor combined. This movement is fueled by people-sized donations. We don’t take corporate cash.


We have County Captains, Constituency Captains and Candidates running with us in every corner of the state. It will take 1,000 leaders not 1 to win a West Virginia that works for all of us.



Together, we’ve broken the record for the most donations in a West Virginia Governor’s race, ever. People from every single county in the state have chipped in because we refuse corporate PAC money.



We have hundreds of volunteers in every corner of the state, and a whole slate of Not-For-Sale candidates running together. It will take 1,000 leaders not 1 to win a West Virginia that works for all of us.