Morgantown City Council Candidates Take on Housing

Morgantown City Council candidates come together to fight against housing insecurity MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Three Morgantown City Council candidates came together on Thursday to speak about homelessness and home inequity in the community. The candidates are endorsed by West Virginia Can’t Wait. Brian Butcher, who is running for the 7th ward of Morgantown, Marly Ynigues …

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W.Va. expected to see nation’s strongest campaign finance reform bill in January

Selina Vickers, who is running for the District 32 seat, has pledged not to accept any corporate money. On Thursday, she and other candidates met with residents in Minden, a contaminated Fayette County neighborhood where a large number of residents report cancers, to pledge support for campaign finance reform.

The bill is part of West Virginia Can’t Wait, which aims to win a “people’s government” in West Virginia…

Not-for-sale candidate results

WV Can’t Wait candidates take next steps toward the November elections

By Steven Allen Adams, Parkersburg News and Sentinel WV Can’t Wait, which united several Democrats, Republicans, Mountain Party members, libertarians and independents, saw more than 43 of its candidates win races on June 9, running on a populist platform to take on the good old boys and lobbyists. Victories include electing Rosemary Ketchum as the …

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Stephen Smith Matewan Launch

The New Uprising on a Country Road

What unites [WV Can’t Wait volunteers and candidates] is a belief that West Virginia’s abundance has been stolen by a corporate and political oligarchy, which extracts from its people as surely as from its land. These activists seek to wake up the fighting spirit that looms over West Virginia’s history, from the Mine Wars a century ago to the #RedforEd teachers strikes last year. They think of West Virginia as a place where people take care of each other, and they want to bring that impulse back to its government, by taking it over.

America’s new redneck rebellion

“Smith is campaigning against both parties’ establishments. He says there is only one party in West Virginia — ‘the good ol’ boys’. Judging from how people react, he is striking a chord.”

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