Brand Visuals

Brand visuals

Hello! Here you’ll find not only our logo files for your use but details on requesting your own personalized logo, as well as some guidelines to help you use our brand and assets. Take a look!

About our brand

Understanding the brand identity and using it correctly and consistently will help amplify our awareness and impact.

The Smith for WV & WV Can’t Wait (S4WV & WVCW respectively) are two brand marks, sharing the same visual identity but with different messages. Our brand is expressed not just through our new graphic identity, but also through our behavior, messaging, communications, events, and all touch points of connection with our communities.

By paying special attention to all the ways we express the S4WV & WVCW brands, we share in being part of the movement, its story – our story – and build our brand value. Maintaining this today will help ensure clear communication as we continue towards the 2020 election.


We have everything you need right here! Not seeing what you want? Fill out the form below to create your own logo. 


The primary palette

Cyan and Red are the core colors of WVCW & S4WV brand. The black is to be used only when color isn’t available. Tints of these colors should not be used, as anything less than vibrant and energetic does not properly represent the campaign or movement.


CMYK: 66, 13, 0 0
RGB: 60, 175, 228


CMYK: 5, 90, 80, 6
RGB: 214, 61, 58
HEX: #D63D3A


CMYK: 69, 64, 69, 75
RGB: 34, 32, 28
HEX: #22201C

The secondary palette

The six additional colors shown on this page can be used in conjunction with the primary palette as well as separately. These are to be used on personalized logomarks, as well as supportive colors alongside the primary color palette shown above. Please don’t tint or shift the opacity of these colors. We want them to bold, vibrant, energetic, and easy to read. 


CMYK: 100, 75, 25, 25
RGB: 1, 65, 111
HEX: #01416F


CMYK: 85, 25, 30, 5
RGB: 0, 141, 161
HEX: #008DA1


CMYK: 0, 70, 87, 0
RGB: 243, 112, 55
HEX: #F37037


CMYK: 45, 0, 85, 0
RGB: 151, 203, 89
HEX: #97CB59


CMYK: 14, 0, 100, 0
RGB: 229, 229, 23
HEX: #E5E517


CMYK: 46, 36, 45, 4
RGB: 143, 144, 134
HEX: #8F9086

Color combos

Any two colors can be combined. We recommended that the selected two colors have enough contrast from one another. For example, yellow and orange may not have a great deal of contrast, whereas red and blue does. The darker, more vibrant color is applied to the word banners, the lighter one to the state’s shape.


There are so many colors combinations to really make your logo yours.


The typefaces selected for S4WV & WVCW are modern yet with human qualities, and with a touch of history to them. 

ITC Franklin Gothic

Wordmark Only: Demi Compressed Italic
Print Headlines: Demi Compressed
Print Body Text (preferred): Book 

Libre Franklin

Print Body Text (optional): Regular 
Web Body Text & General Use: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic

Please do, and don’t

We have some basic rules to help ensure wherever you use the logos (or your custom one), it’s true to the brand and read clearly. 

Please do (breath a little)

When using one of the logos with other logos and graphic elements, maintain a safe space that equals XXX% the size of the square around the logomark.

We politely ask that you don’t…

  • add effects

  • rotate the logo or its individual elements

  • place with or on another WV state shape or silhouette

  • combine the logos in any way other than what's provided and shown

  • overprint or obstruct any part of the logo

  • place the wordmark in two colors

Still not sure? Drop us a line. 

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