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For Immediate Release

“In West Virginia, it’s in our blood to fight for each other, to come together in crisis. There’s no place I’d rather be right now than in this state, in this movement, with all of you.” – Stephen Smith


We have launched a WV Coronavirus Resource Page, where you can find WV-specific coronavirus updates, including information on transmission, best practices and volunteer opportunities. We’ve begun to build this site in the last 12 hours. We welcome additional resources to be sent to, and we urge everyone to take safety measures, so we can minimize the exposure of the most vulnerable among us.

We are implementing these campaign-specific precautions IMMEDIATELY

  • We are moving in-person Town Halls and visits to online: All previously-scheduled Town Halls and community visits will move online at least until April 13th. Attendees will be able to join by phone or video link and participate in the campaign remotely (our campaign has had more than a year’s practice hosting large group gatherings online.) 
  • We are opening even more blocks of Stephen’s time to be able to communicate with voters by phone. We will stick by our pledge to make Stephen available to anyone who wishes to speak to him. Email 
  • Stephen will provide twice-weekly coronavirus updates on FB live on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 8:30pm. (UPDATE: We provide these every day except Saturdays). We’ll share the latest news from health officials, and ways we can help our neighbors. Send needs/resources you know of to


Tens of thousands of our kids are in danger of going hungry now that schools are closed due to the pandemic. More than 250,000 workers have no way to earn sick days from their jobs, and even more families will forego health care every year because of the cost. These disparities will only grow worse in the coming weeks.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

But in West Virginia, historically, the people who have the least are asked to bear the most:

It was the people of Rainelle, Clendenin and Richwood that led the recovery effort in the 2016 flood. It was volunteers in Kanawha and Boone and Putnam that ensured thousands of us had the drinking water we needed in 2014.

Now, as then, we will look to one another for guidance. And now, as then, we will look to one another for leadership.

We can have a state where paid sick days and good health care are the norm, where no child ever goes without food or shelter.

Our plans already include