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This is Pastor Sherri Schafer, the Executive Director of Community Lutheran Partners. 

Her organization does disaster relief in West Virginia, so we hope you never have to meet her. But if you do, you’ll be glad you did. When the Randolph County flood hit this summer, pledge signer Del. Cody Thompson helped us get connected. 

In a pinch, we decided to use our upcoming campaign fundraisers in Upshur and Preston Counties to instead raise money and supplies for Sherri’s group (and others). Y’all responded with more than $3000 worth of cash and supplies. Your donations helped make sure there were portable toilets on site. 

Stephen and Pastor Sherri had been in close contact that week, but had never met in person until much later.

This is what we do in West Virginia. We pitch in. We show up for each other—even when the distaster response from the political Good Old Boys in Charleston is not only painfully slow and scandal-plagued, but also has “barely functioning” departments.

It doesn’t have to be this way: we can invest in ourselves, and do it far more effectively when our government focuses on and spends time on helping working West Virginians, and not wealthy political donors.

See a few of our plans to address these issues here: