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Love is love.

“You can be married on Sunday, get fired on Monday, and get kicked out of your house Tuesday.”

It shouldn’t be that way in West Virginia.

Speaking here with Candidate for Governor Stephen Smith is Robin Hearts-Love.

Robin grew up in in a rural county, and she always had a knack for performance—excelling in speech, theatre, and ballroom dance at Fairmont State.

For a while, she worked as a server at Eat’N’Park to help make ends meet… until they fired her “because you no longer fit the family-friendly environment.”

In the year 2020, LGBTQ+ West Virginians still live in a state where it’s legal to be fired from a job or denied shelter because of who you are, or whom you love.

West Virginia can’t wait any longer to end discrimination, once and for all. 

You can follow Robin Hearts-Love on Instagram and Twitter. She’s found her place as a performer for audiences large and small, young and old.

More than ever, we need a state that welcomes all, and that reflects West Virginia values of loving our neighbors. No hate in these hollers!

See a few of our plans to address these issues here: