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Millennials (people born between 1982 and 2000) represent one quarter of the nation’s population, and one half of the workforce. They’re more educated, and work more hours than any previous generation — but they are also poorer. (The net worth of Americans 18-35 has dropped 34 percent since 1996). 

We have failed them. But they just might save us: we launched our Millennials Can’t Wait constituency team in Morgantown.

The conventional wisdom in politics is that young people don’t vote. We believe that’s because our political system hasn’t given them much to vote for. Millennials have watched their life chances diminish over their lifetimes—regardless of which party is in power. It should be no surprise that they’re not waiting on government.

No, they’re coming up with their own solutions, starting their own companies, organizing their own movements. 

We don’t need to convince young people that it’s important to vote. We need to build a movement with them in leadership. They aren’t the future. We need them now.

See some of our plans to address these issues: