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When the only people our politicians talk to are lobbyists and wealthy donors–when the only things they hear are corporate talking points–they get a very skewed sense of what is fair and right. We see it year after year: bought politicians work to give more and more tax breaks to the wealthy, and shift more and more of the burden to the middle class, the working class and the poor.

2020 is no different. They want to take the money that funds our schools in order to hand it to out-of-state execs. These Good Old Boy politicians tout “growth” and “jobs” while doing nothing to guarantee that any jobs will be created by the money they’re giving away, and while they are in fact starving the schools that could help us address our lack of an educated workforce–something that makes it hard for businesses to survive here.

And that is something we’ve known for years.

But what can we do about it?

Cabell County was the very first county team to score campaign bumper stickers for having so many one-on-one chats during our Summer of 10,000 Conversations.

This is how we win a government that works for all of us: by talking with our neighbors to develop plans that put working and middle class people first–and maybe by putting sweet bumper stickers on our cars–and most importantly, by making sure to reach out and invite people to join us, even when we think we may not have a lot on common.

This is an up-down battle, not a left-right one.

Join your county team! Email Field Director to learn how.

See some of our plans for a fairer West Virginia here: