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“I was 36 years in the mines. I’ve got my benefit, but I’m here until everybody’s got their benefit.”

Across the state, miners and their families gather with nurses and community folks in Black Lung groups. The Black Lung pension fund at the federal level is funded by mine workers. But when it comes time to access it, when you’re out of breath and hurting, you’ll find a whole army of doctors and lawyers and judges that will try to keep you from it.

Our system makes you fight for your own money.

This photo was taken when our candidate for Governor Stephen Smith was demonstrating how the people at the top pay the lowest tax rates—squeezing the rest of us for every dime.

You see, this is the richest time in WV history. We should have the best roads and schools and healthcare we’ve ever had–and a better Black Lung pension fund at the federal level, and a State Black Lung Pension fund too. We should be choosing the side of miners and mining communities.

But to do that, we’ll need a government that answers first to workers–not to coal bosses and millionaires.

See some of our plans to address these issues here: