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“I used medical cannabis illegally, and that’s why I’m here today… I was on my deathbed… I told the nurses that if I survived, I would dedicate my life to fighting the prohibition of cannabis, so no one would have to go through what I had to go through.”

Rusty Williams is running for House of Delegates in House District 35, which includes parts of Kanawha County. See Rusty’s website here, and follow his Facebook page here.

At his campaign launch, 67 people from across West Virginia attended to lend their support–and thousands more can’t wait for a state where the people who work the hardest and hurt the most, are also the ones writing the laws. West Virginians overwhelmingly support legalization… so why do legalization bills keep getting killed by our legislature?

Donate to Rusty’s campaign, because no ONE politician can make the change we need. We need 1000 leaders, not just one governor. That means we need legislators. We need citizens donating, and knocking doors, and making phone calls–and fighting for a better West Virginia. We need an end to a state that is owned-and-operated by out-of-state corporations.

That’s why we need legislators like Rusty, who signed the WV Can’t Wait pledge to reject corporate PAC money. Read the pledge here (and see other signers).

We’re ready for a WV that is not owned by corporations–a WV where our government is on the side of working people, every time.

See a few of our plans to address these issues here: