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“Doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, there’s no one to sell it to.”

Ed is a woodworker and maple farmer in Tyler County. For 30 years, he ran a manufacturing company in Ohio—until he was undercut by Chinese companies. In the span of a year, he lost every one of his customers.

“I spent 4 years looking for this farm. I made 40 trips around the country.”

Ed and his wife ended up in Almost Heaven. A couple years later, the Rover pipeline came to town. They took 7 of his 160 acres—and the state helped. When he tried to protect his own land, he almost got arrested.

“They’ve got both parties in their pockets. When I vote, I ask myself: which person will do the least amount of damage?”

The wealth leaves. It leaves West Virginia through the pipelines. It leaves the country on trade routes. It leaves the working class through tax giveaways to the wealthy.

Whose side are your lawmakers on: the side of working people, or corporate lobbyists?

See a few of our plans to address these issues here: