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Our state needs hemp, medical cannabis, and recreational marijuana.

We can save lives by reducing overdose deaths; we can raise revenue to invest in our future; and we can stop wasting valuable criminal justice resources.

Perhaps most important, we can create middle-class jobs here in West Virginia.

Cannabis is a part of our state’s future. But what also matters is not whether we grow this industry, but how. We don’t need big, exploitative, out-of-state cannabis companies replacing big, exploitative, out-of-state energy companies.

If we do it right, the cannabis industry can become a place where family farms can thrive—keeping wealth here and helping to rebuild the middle class. Same goes for wind, solar, tourism, art, and tech.

Choosing to keep cannabis profits in WV

Mike Weaver is one of the hemp growers helping to lead this movement. He’s converted both of his chicken houses in hopes of being at the head of the curve.

See our first visit to Mike’s farm here, so you can see how much he’s done already.

He’s investing in CBD extraction equipment; he’s testing different lights, strains, and manures.

“I’m taking this fish manure up to the Ag lab on the west side of town today, so they can analyze it and tell me the nutrient value,” Mike said, pointing to a ziploc bag he’d been carrying around.

In this critical moment, government must choose the side of small farmers and cooperatives. That means access to capital. It means help with regulation and aggregation., and not limiting licenses so much that family farms get squeezed out. Of course, it also means small farmers writing policy—instead of industry lobbyists.

Beware when you hear sold out legislators claim that giving more tax breaks to their donors will create jobs. What jobs? Are they long term? Will they go to West Virginians? How much do they pay? Will the wealth stay here, with working families? 

Our state needs an economic development strategy of, by, and for the people.

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View our plans to legalize cannabis and choose small businesses over big, exploitative out-of-state corporations here: