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“A lot of people are fed up with Jim Justice… but I don’t see that as positive. I want people to vote FOR something.”

Frank Stilwell is a veteran from Berkeley County who pledged do to 50 conversations as part of our “Summer of 10,000 Conversations”–listening to what matters to his neighbors and friends and inviting them into the movement.

“So many people are saying they are done with politics. But I’m not giving up. Don’t worry. If I can do this, then anybody can do this. We can all do this.”

Frank is talking about you.

The WV Can’t Wait movement is more than just a group of people–veterans, seniors, men, women, working families, and more– who are “fed up” with bad choices at the ballot box; we’re fed up with a system that leaves us having to choose which candidate we dislike more, because Good Old Boy politicians take money and orders from lobbyists instead of voters.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Ask Frank.

In the meantime, view some of the plans we have to address these issues: