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Tuesday night is game night.

Meetings and events happen throughout the week. Most afternoons it’s a place for homeschoolers to gather. One morning each week is bible study.

“You can’t have a strong business without building the community.”

This statement by Rob Vanater, owner of Drip Coffee in Putnam County, summed up the difference between small, local businesses and out-of-state corporations. Local entrepreneurs are accountable to local people and places, to their community… so that’s where their investments go. 

Big companies are accountable to wealthy shareholders… so that’s where their investments go. 

Small businesses create more jobs. They keep wealth here in our communities. They donate more to charity. 

“I give coffee to anybody I can—charities, fundraisers. Because that’s what I have to give.”

Rob is a superhero. Most small business owners are. They have to be, because the economy is rigged against them. 

Some state will be the first to rig their economy in favor of small businesses, union shops, family farms, and artists—local folks building local community.

It should be us. 

Small Business Can’t Wait.

View a few of our plans that would address these issues: