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“This campaign matters to me for many reasons.”

Leila Grace Sergent, from South Middle School in Martinsburg, did her Social Studies Fair presentation on the WV Can’t Wait movement.

“I have seen the way our teachers are being treated. I stood with my teachers on the picket line while they protested for a fair wage and for reliable health benefits. I know how our teachers are treated by some elected officials, and I have watched them struggle while trying to support themselves and their families. I don’t want my teachers to leave…”

“In order for young people like myself to consider remaining in WV when we become adults, we need better jobs, a safer and cleaner environment, and services and supports that help us build strong communities… I had the opportunity to listen to our current governor speak… and I’m encouraged by the contrasting vision [WV Can’t Wait] has for our state.”

Let’s help keep Leila–and the rest of our next generation–here in West Virginia by choosing the side of young people like her. 

And by the way: she won first place.

Here are just a few of our plans to improve things for the next generation of West Virginians: