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They wear duck caps, because the potholes in Preston County are so deep and so neglected that ducks have taken up residence.

Jeanie Walsh helped organize this bus trip to the Capitol from Preston County to deliver 7000+ petition signatures to the Capitol (and rubber ducks, too). They’ve pressed County Commissioners to declare a state of emergency over the potholes and the state of the roads in Preston County. They’ve helped introduce legislation and get it passed.

But Governor Justice vetoed it.

“As a first responder, I don’t take this lightly,” offered Preston County Commissioner Price.

He’s right. Our roads can’t wait.

If we all fight as hard as these Preston County citizens, we can win a government that works for all of us. 

You can sign a petition to protest the potholes in YOUR area at this link. Add your name if you agree fixing our roads should be a top priority–and if you agree that we should do it without increasing taxes and fees for working people. The corporations doing all the damage to our roads should pay to fix the potholes and slides they’re creating.

View platform plans that address some of these issues, here: