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“Everyday, I watch elderly people and working folks blowing their savings—$600, $800 at a time.”

Travis Boothe is a pharmacy technician in Sabraton, WV. He is also the shop steward for his union local, and a member of the IWW. Travis makes $10.50 an hour to see his neighbors get robbed by the health care industry. 

“The bosses say ‘there’s nothing we can do.’ They’re wrong.”

Travis is advocating to get his union to back presidential candidates that advocate universal healthcare. He’s helping his fellow employees file grievances, and training them to assert their rights at work. Mostly, he’s having lots of one-on-one conversations, to find common cause with the people he works with. 

“There is no other choice. You have to be willing to fight. Or else we will always be stuck working jobs we hate.” 

For the last 40 years, workers have become more and more productive. But wages have stagnated. All that new wealth has gone straight to the top. Most economic development models over that time were built to serve the interests of multinational companies, and their shareholders. 

As a result, 3 American families own more wealth than the bottom half of Americans. 

We don’t want to compete with every other state in the US to woo out-of-state monopolies who are legally bound to serve their stockholders over our citizens. Instead, we can be the first state to put the interests of workers and small businesses ahead of big companies.

Raise the severance tax. End the 2010 WV corporate tax giveaways. Guarantee a $15 minimum wage, coupled with tax breaks for small businesses. End right-to-work and reinstate prevailing wage. And more. 

Those victories aren’t simply won at the polls. People like Travis win them—day in, day out—at workplaces across the state. Workplaces like yours. Join the movement to learn how to get started. 

See some of our plans to address this here: