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“What road bond?”

That’s how one Marshall County woman responded to a question about Jim Justice’s signature program.

The residents of every West Virginia county believe that their roads are the worst. But “Marshall County may have you beat,” said former Department of Highways official Kevin Kaufman who took us on a tour.

We counted 84 slips, slides, and major potholes…in 63 minutes when we took a tour in February. By April, Marshall County had declared a state of emergency due to their crumbling roads.

On our trip, we were told there were as many as 9,000 recent slips in the northern panhandle alone, due to a combination of water, weight, and years of underfunded roads and neglected maintenance. We saw two-lane highways crumbled down to one lane, with only a makeshift stoplight to regulate traffic. And it’s been that way for two years.

Let’s have a government that will prioritize fixing our roads.

See our plan to do that here: