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“We ran out of money for toilet paper 4 months ago.”

Terry Collison and her team run the First Steps drop-in center in Huntington on roughly $70,000 per year. 

They serve 130 to 150 people with substance use disorder and mental illness…per day. When she took over in 2012, it was 20. 

Many of their visitors are still in active use. Everyone on staff is in recovery. Every day, they provide food, internet access, recreation, anger management classes, groups, recovery coaches, and an enormous amount of dignity. 

Right now, at best, our state government treats people in recovery as damaged goods. At worst, they’re treated as disposable. It is past time we elect a people’s government, a government that treats people in recovery as they are: the answer to our crisis, the only ones among us who know how to solve it. They are carrying more pain than the rest of us, and yet they keep shouldering more.

See some of our plans to address this issue: