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“On July 18, 2017 I was in a terrible car wreck in Pence Springs, WV and suffered a traumatic brain injury which resulted in a massive stroke. The fact is, I should probably be dead from the injuries I sustained. But I lived! My license was suspended for medical reasons that I sustained in the wreck (rightfully so). But one day, when all of my doctors are in agreement and sign off on a form provided by the DMV, I will have them reinstated. But I will more than likely walk differently and have slurred speech (because of the stroke) much like an intoxicated person, for the rest of my life.”

William Jones had an idea about how to prevented a situation like what happened in the Jeff Jones case. Jones suffered similar symptoms from spinal meningitis, and he was wrongfully charged with a DUI in Nicholas county.

William’s idea was that there should be a way for people with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal meningitis, or other conditions to notify police officers of their symptoms so that those symptoms would not be mistaken for inebriation or non-compliance. That option should be available to other people with disabilities and conditions, too, to prevent unfair legal consequences–perhaps through a medically-approved card or a sticker on folks’ drivers licenses.

William thought of everything: how it could be paid for, and who could administer it (the DMV, with authorization from a physician).

These solutions aren’t hard–they just require action.

Our sitting governor does as little as possible to remain in his job. Meanwhile, WV Can’t Wait is building a movement that’s serious about going on offense to solve our state’s problems.

We connected William with two great, nearby Delegates–Jeff Campbell and Cindy Lavender-Bowe–who fought for it this year. Senator Baldwin volunteered to help too. (The people of West Virginia do have champions in Charleston, but we need more.)

Want to talk to Stephen? Email him at to schedule a call.

For William’s part, he’s ready to talk about the issue with anyone, anytime.

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