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“I’m supposed to take 100 units a day. I’ve dropped down to 50 to make it last longer.”

Nancy McCartney pays $970 for a month’s supply of insulin. Sometimes she has to make it last two, so there’s enough money left over for the two great grandkids she’s raising.

“Because I’m taking care of children, I’m not taking care of myself. That’s a universal problem. You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Nancy’s had two heart attacks and two strokes. She has liver disease. Three years ago, her doctors gave her five years to live. “I shouldn’t be taking only half as much,” she concedes.

Rationing insulin is killing diabetics who can’t afford it–but the price has doubled since 2012. However, Social Security has hardly seen a bump.

Meanwhile, the Political Action Committee run by Nancy’s insulin’s foreign manufacturer (Danish company Novo Nordisk PAC) spent $405,938 buying federal candidates in 2018, with 46% going to Democrats, and 54% to Republicans.

Too often, both parties choose drug makers over sick people, donors over grandmas.

“I feel like they want the older generation to die off,” Nancy said.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Colorado passed a law curbing insulin costs. We can go further in West Virginia, and address the need for rationing insulin here, too. But only with your help.

See some of our plans to address this here: