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In 24 hours…

“I can’t afford health insurance for my employees, so I don’t buy it for myself.”

“I’m 64, and I don’t have health insurance.”

“I make $100/month too much to qualify for Medicaid.”

“I’m a nurse. At least once a day, I’m trying to break some rule to get someone the care they need without insurance. Even when they have coverage I can’t help, not when it takes 6 weeks to get someone the suboxone they need. They tell me they can get it on the street quicker.”

Our healthcare system is miserable. It doesn’t have to be this way.

This is the richest time in West Virginia history, and we deserve the strongest possible universal health care system. That means Medicare for All at the federal level–and at the state level we must be ready to ensure that every West Virginian gets the healthcare they need, and choose the side of our people over millionaire health insurance executives, corporate donors, and lobbyists.

See some of our plans to address these issues at the state level here: