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“We don’t leave anybody on the street.”

Steve Clay and his team provided a night’s rest 19,396 times… last year alone. Men, women, and children call the Latrobe St. Mission home, and Steve makes sure each one is treated with dignity by their army of volunteers—many of whom are current or former clients.

“I tell our volunteers: you aren’t any better than anyone who walks through that door. If someone collapses on that floor, you get down on the floor with them.”

Volunteers from different churches deliver dinner every night. Volunteers paint and clean. Volunteers donate clothes and toys and expertise. 

And right now, volunteers are building a 35-bed Oxford House recovery program on the top floor. No federal or state grants. Just a few local churches and foundations pooling resources, and a whole lot of volunteers.

You can help too! For $600 you can sponsor one more spot in the recovery program—complete with bed, window, shelves, safe, alarm and more. Send checks to

Latrobe St Mission
PO Box 91
Parkersburg WV 26101

… or visit their Facebook page. They need 12 more rooms by the end of the year to fill the floor

This is what we West Virginians do. We face not only an inequality of wealth, but an inequality of pain. The people with the most bear the least. And the people with the least are asked to bear more and more each day.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can have a government that is generous and merciful. We can have a government that values the work of poor people more than the bank accounts of out-of-state CEO’s. But only if we fight for it. 

See some of our plans to address these issues here: