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In downtown Wheeling, there’s a place where you can buy farm fresh, healthy food 365 days/year from more than 60 local farms and vendors. It’s called the Public Market, and it opened toward the end of 2019… after more than 2 years of planning and sweat equity from local group Grow Ohio Valley.

“On the one hand, we feel gratification and gratitude for the local community. We sold $12,000 on our first day. On the other hand, it’s 16-18 hour days. Everyday. We’ve never worked this hard on anything in our lives.”

Danny Swan and the rest of the team at the Public Market are blazing a trail. They are showing what a local food economy could look like. Local farmers take home 80% of the sale. “The other 20% keeps the lights on and pays the staff.” 

Best of all, they’re hitting their sales targets and getting sharper everyday. 

We want a West Virginia where markets like this can be found everywhere, and where local, healthy food is easier to find and purchase than processed food that makes us sick. We want a West Virginia where we stop choosing Big Agriculture’s pesticides, labor practices, and cruelty… and start choosing the side of small farms and local farmers. 

Right now, places like the Public Market have to work twice as hard as their competitors, because there’s no level playing field. Lobbyists pay big money to keep that field slanted. We’re proud NOT to take corporate PAC money, and we’re proud to put farmers first.

Join us to build a people’s government in the mountain state: Donate or volunteer. And don’t forget to take a family trip down to Wheeling to buy some fresh food at the Public Market.

See some of our plans to address these issues here: