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Thanks to UMWA Local 5958 in Logan for fighting for mineworkers, and for a great conversation.

Yes, we will raise the severance tax on natural gas—so we don’t get robbed. Yes, we will fund a state black lung pension fund for miners. Yes, we will re-build West Virginia’s infrastructure and put people back to work. 

But only if we all fight together. No politician led the Mine Wars. No politician won the 40-hour work week. No politician led the teachers strike. Only working class unions and movements can deliver the change we need.

That’s why our campaign only accepts donations from individuals and unions—not corporate PACs. That’s why we’re proud to have the first campaign in WV history to have a union staff. That’s why we’re building a machine — 94 volunteer teams, 134 Town Halls, dozens of trainings —that can support not just one pro-labor candidate, but a whole slate. 

To learn more about the WV Can’t Wait movement to win a pro-labor government here in WV, peruse this website or email our candidate for Governor Stephen Smith Director at 

And if you’re a member of a union, contact to schedule a time when Stephen can visit.

See some of our plans to address this here: