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Amy is a medical assistant at Cabell Huntington Hospital Family Urgent Care clinic. Denise is an x-ray technologist there. This May, they unionized, making their clinic the first in West Virginia to do so. Every worker in their shop is a woman.

For too long, the West Virginia economy has not valued women’s work. Amy and Denise are here to change that.

“We got tired of being treated like stepchildren by the hospital.”

Denise explained that Cabell Huntington’s main hospital has been unionized for years. But the clinics weren’t. There was no guaranteed lunch break. Employees could only get promised sick days if they found someone to cover.

“I have a bachelor’s degree, but I was making less as a medical assistant than I could have made at Target.” Since her husband’s passing, Amy had to find extra sources of income just to make ends meet on her clinic salary.

Denise and Amy’s Urgent Care union is affiliated with RWDSU Local 21. They’re in the middle of contract negotiations now. Unionized: “We are the first, but we don’t want to be the last.”

Union organizing is on the rise nationwide. Thank goodness. It’s our only chance to rebuild the middle class. Amy, Denise, and people like you will provide spark that lights the way—one workplace at a time.

Government’s job is to add fuel to that fire. Reverse right to work. Restore prevailing wage. Collective bargaining for state workers. Prosecute corporate crime, wage theft, and corruption. Earned sick days, family leave, equal pay, and workplace safety. Reduce the influence of corporate money in politics. And always protect the right to organize.

Do you work at a clinic that needs to unionize? Email RWDSU organizer Jason Ware at

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