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“The only reason I’m here today, with the pension I have is because I went on strike in the early 2000s. There were 70 of us in Charleston, 200 statewide. We could file unemployment back then, to help us take care of our families during the strike. But they’ve taken that away. Will you restore the right to draw unemployment during a strike?”

Yes, we’ll fight for labor rights.

West Virginia Can’t Wait makes no apologies about being a pro-labor campaign. The ability to strike is the most fundamental power that working people have. We will defend labor rights and that power in every way we can.

Our candidates make a pledge to take funds only from individuals and labor (no Corporate PACs or executives from Big Pharma, Big Energy, or Out-of-State Land Companies). They make a pledge never to cross a picket line. 

Thanks to the 90+ union members with Teamsters Local 175 for allowing our candidate for Governor Stephen Smith the opportunity to meet with you last Saturday. 

If you’re a union member reading this, Stephen wants to meet with your local, too. Contact 

See some of our plans to address this here: