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Our opposition just spent $150 to send a “tracker” to come and videotape one of our events.

Trackers are employed to show up at opposition events, to try and catch candidates flip-flopping and record what they’re saying. In the best case scenario, trackers make sure a candidate isn’t promising voters one thing, but then promising execs something else! However, in the worst case, they just try to find something to use out-of-context in an attack ad. 

Both major parties have and use trackers. This is the first time we’ve seen one at an event. It won’t be the last.

Our opponents are watching us. We welcome them.


When the young man arrived, County Captain Deb McCarthy offered him a plate of food and struck up a conversation. She learned what he was up to, and she tried to make him feel comfortable since it was his first time. At this Small Business can’t Wait event, she also learned that the young man’s father was a small business owner, struggling to compete with companies that get special favors from government.

Later, Stephen got to learn that the young man was studying psychology. They found common ground talking about the need for mental health professionals in every school. When the Town Hall started, one of our hosts noticed that the young man was having a hard time propping up his phone to record. She kindly offered him a tripod. He accepted.

As the event closed, the young man volunteered to take this photo below of some of the attendees. Then he asked for his own picture with Stephen. 

For the next 13 months, our campaign will be faced with this choice constantly. We can choose to assume the worst of our neighbors and co-workers who might disagree with us. Or we can choose to invite them in.

This is an easy choice for us, because we’re not interested in running the typical political Good Old Boy campaign. Our opponents have campaigns that either cozy up to powerful interests secretly while trying to keep voters from seeing that they’ve sold out… or they have campaigns that “self-fund” to the tune of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars of their own, to build up their egos or look after their own financial interests by simply buying the election.

Our opponents are wasting money on trackers because they’re expecting a Good Old Boys campaign. It’s the only kind of campaign they know.

We have something different. We have a movement.

If you’ve got $150, or $15/month, or even $1.50…consider making a donation to WV Can’t Wait in honor of the political Good Old Boys who are hoping to win voters with attack ads rather than sound policy that will help WV working families, family farmers, teachers, school service personnel, small WV businesses, and more.

View our plans to build a people’s government in West Virginia. You’re invited to join us!